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A World War II veteran, Dale Hobson moved his family to Boise in 1946 and took a position as a repair and installation technician for the Lang Company. In 1949, the Lang Company decided to pull out of Boise, leaving Dale as the only contact for their many customers.  At this point, Dale and Norma decided to begin their own business and Dale’s Service was born.

In the fall of 1952, Dale purchased a small pasture at what is now 4111 Overland Road in Boise Idaho.  With the help of friends and employees, Dale built a new cinder block shop and office building, which became Company Headquarters in 1955. 

In 1964, Dale and his family were called home from their vacation with news that a fire nearly destroyed the building.  A short in an electric drill had ignited fumes from a new delivery truck inside the shop.  Dedicated members of our company worked at considerable risk to save the truck, shop, and accounting records.  The customer’s truck was replaced and the shop rebuilt only through great efforts of dedicated people.  Prior to the fire, construction had started on a spacious new warehouse and shop building.  A new shop blossomed out of the ashes with Dale as the contractor, again.

Over the next two decades Dale’s Service continued to grow and expand.  Projects were completed in Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Wyoming. A successful sister company, Hobson Elevator, was established and quickly became the elevator industry leader in the Intermountain West.  Hobson Elevator was sold in 1998.


In 1992 Dale and Norma retired from active service.  Their sons took over Dale’s Service ownership and operation.  By 2002, the business was changing rapidly and the company was reorganized and incorporated under the ownership of three of the original Hobson brothers.

To better serve these markets and the changing demographics of Boise, Dale’s Service, Inc. moved to the current location at 7755 Mossy Cup in 2003.  With the new location, Dale’s Service, Inc. enjoys greater access for customers, greater access to service destinations and an even cleaner and more efficient operation.