Our Dealer Program creates a network of retail outlets for many of our key 
consumer products.  We have set up dealers throughout Idaho and into northern 
Nevada and Utah, where customers can go and find consumer pumps, hoses, 
nozzles, filters and other products, without having to come to our office in Boise.  See a listing of products normally stocked by our dealers.

12 Volt Pumps

 8 gpm, power cord, unleaded 
 nozzle, suction tube 10' hose, 2-
 yr limited warranty

 15 gpm, unleaded nozzle, suction
 tube, 12' hose, 2-yr Limited

18 gpm, unleaded nozzle, suction tube, 12' hose, 2-yr Limited warranty

25 gpm, power cord, weight centering inlet w/check valve, 1" NPT outlet, 2-yr limited warranty

115 Volt Pumps

 FACTORY REBUILT 12 gpm, nozzle,
 suction tube, 12' hose, 2-yr
 limited warranty

 Fill-Rite FR610C 
 15 gpm, nozzle, suction tube, 12' 
 hose, 2-yr limited warranty

 GPI M3120ML w/FM530G6N
 20 gpm, meter, nozzle, 3/4" x 12'
 hose, 1" x 3/4" bushing, 2-yr
 limited warranty

 GPI M3130-ML 
 30 gpm, nozzle, 1" x 12' hose, 2-yr
 limited warranty

 GPI M3130 W/FM530G8N 
 30 gpm, meter, nozzle, 1" x 12' 
 hose, 2-yr limited warranty


In-line electronic digital flow meter, 3-30 gpm, 1" inlet/outlet

GPI FM-530G8N 
Flow Meter Kit, 5-30 GPM, 1"

Hand Pumps

Fill-Rite SD62 
Rotary, 7.35 gallons per 100 revolutions

 FACTORY REBUILT, Piston, 50 gallons
 per 100 strokes, 8' hose, metal nozzle,
 suction tube

 Rotary, 10 gallons per 100 revolutions,
 8' hose metal nozzle, suction tube


FARM 1 12 1" X 12' Farm Hose w/Static Wire

FARM 1 20 1" X 20' Farm Hose
                          w/Static Wire

Filters and Adaptors

Cimtek 50003 200H 3/4" Cast Iron Adaptor, 1"-12UNF
Cimtek 50004 200AH 1" Cast Iron Adaptor, 1"-12UNF

Cimtek 20 Filter Element

Cimtek 20WB Hydrosorb Filter Element


DSI N075UMN11 
3/4" Manual Nozzle, Unleaded

                        DSI N100UMN11 
                        1" Manual Nozzle, Diesel

3/4" UL Auto Nozzle

Tank Accessories

Cimtek 179M 
 2" Locking Fill Cap

 OPW 241TPS0241
 3/4" Swivel

 Gasolia GOI01
 Thread Sealant and Teflon Tape

Oil Safe

Oil Safe 101003 
3 Liter/US Quart Drum

Oil Safe 101010
10 Liter/US Quart Drum

Oil Safe 100201
Utility Lid - specify color

 Oil Safe 100401
 Mini Spout Lid - specify color

 Oil Safe 102000
 Standard Pump 

 Oil Safe 100021
 Stumpy Spout Hose Extension

DEF Solutions

National Spencer375
Polypropylene with viton seals, maximum 12 ounces per stroke

Balcrank 832773
Digital meter

Balcrank 3340-12
DEF stainless steel, automatic shut-off, 3/4"

Power Blanket TH275D
tote heating wrap with side mount pump housing for a 275-gallon tote, 120-volt, preset digital thermostatic controller

                           Power Blanket TH330D
                           tote heating wrap with side 
                           mount pump housing for a 330-
                           gallon tote, 120-volt, preset 
                           digital thermostatic controller

Power Blanket

Powerblanket - 55-gallon drum heater, rapid ramp, 100 degrees, 120 volt

               Powerblanket - 2' x 2' heating blanket 

 unleaded nozzle, suction tube,
 12' hose, 1-yrLimited warranty

 Fill-Rite FR1210C
 15 gpm, power cord, unleaded 
 nozzle, suction tube 12' hose, 2-
 yr limited warranty

 Fill-Rite FR4210D 
 20 gpm, power cord, unleaded
 nozzle, suction tube 12' hose,
 2-yr limited warranty

 12 gpm, nozzle, suction tube, 12'
 hose, 2-yr limited warranty

 Fill-Rite FR700V 
 20 gpm, nozzle, 12' hose, 2-yr
 limited warranty

 Fill-Rite FR701V 
 20 gpm, meter, nozzle, 12' hose, 2-yr
 limited warranty

Fill-Rite FR310V 
35 gpm, nozzle, 12' hose, 2-yr limited warranty

 Fill-Rite FR311V 
 35 gpm, meter, nozzle, 12' hose, 2-yr
 limited warranty

Fill-Rite FR807CMK 
Flow Meter Kit, 5-20 GPM, 3/4"

 Fill-Rite FR901
 Flow Meter, 6-40 GPM, 1"

Fill-Rite FR20V 
Piston , Polypropylene with nitrile seals

 Piston, 50 gallons per 100 strokes, 8'
 hose, metal nozzle, suction tube

FARM 3/4 12 3/4" x 12' Farm Hose w/Static Wire

FARM 3/4 20 3/4" x 20' Farm Hose 
                          w/Static Wire

 Cimtek 70045 200AE-30 Filter 
 w/Draincock 18 gpm 1 3/8"-12UNF

 Cimtek 70059 300HS-10 Hydrosorb Filter
 25gpm 1"-12UNF

                Cimtek 70064 300HS-30 Hydrosorb Filter 
                 25 gpm 1"-12UNF

National Spencer NS10 Fuel Filter

National Spencer BOWL Replacement Bowl

1" Unleaded Auto Farm Nozzle

1" Diesel Auto Farm Nozzle 

Morrison 699F 3/4
3/4" Barrel Valve

Morrison 699F 1 
                       1" Barrel Valve

 Cimtek 60001
 2" Pre-Vent Fill Cap

 KK001 Water Finding Paste

Oil Safe 101005
5 Liter/US Quart Drum

 Oil Safe 100101
 Storage Lid - specify color

 Oil Safe 100301
 Stretch Spout Lid - specify color

 Oil Safe 100501
 Stumpy Spout Lid - specify color

 Oil Safe 102020
 Stretch Spout Hose Extension

 Balcrank 1310-001
 Polypropylene, 1 gallon per 12 

Balcrank 3340-11
DEF polyethelyene, manual nozzle, 3/4", barb

Balcrank 1210-002
stainless steel motor driven pump and mounting bracket for IBC tote, a 3' suction hose, 12'dispensing hose and stainless steel automatic nozzle, 
                   tote not included

Powerblanket MD0625
6' x 25' heating blanket, 120-volt

Powerblanket GCW40
                40-lb cylinder wrap, 120-volt