“This is Fred Ball for Zion’s Bank speaking on business.

The way a business responds when it’s threatened by economical tidal waves provides a transparent view of the values supporting that company.  And it’s those values, with a dash of providence, which most often determines if a business survives or dies.

Family owned since 1950, Dale's Service, Inc. has proved it can weather just about any economical storm.

Dale's Service, Inc. provides complete equipment for vehicle service, fuel dispensing and storage systems.  It also supplies water and industrial fluid storage systems with included tank decommissioning, cleaning and inspection services.  Dale’s main clients are oil companies and automotive service facilities.

David Hobson, president of Dale's Service, Inc., tells me his father, H. Dale Hobson, founded the company after learning how to repair gas pumps.  Seeing an additional need for such services, Dale picked up a few product lines and became a general contractor, working with the service station industry.  David tells me his father built the business so it could install and service any piece of equipment a service station owner would need.  This has made Dale's Service, Inc. the regional leader in each of the industries it serves.

The company’s growth has allowed all five of Dale’s sons to learn the family trade.  Three of the brothers currently own and manage the business, and the other two have retired.

Dale's Service, Inc. prides itself on its quality service and can-do attitude.  It’s these qualities; along with sacrifices made by both owners and employees that David says have helped the business survive economical squalls of every variety.  Though the products they sell can be purchased elsewhere, customers keep coming back because they know Dale's Service, Inc. will back up everything it sells with the highest quality of service.

For Zions Bank, I’m Fred Ball.  I’m speaking on business.