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Other Services

Dale’s Service, Inc. continues to seek new and improved methods, technologies and products.  By doing so we add value to the service and products we provide.  Listed below are a couple of these innovative services.

    Dale’s Service, Inc. Dealer Program:
    Our Dealer Program creates a network of retail outlets for many of our key 
    consumer products.  We have set up dealers throughout Idaho and into northern 
    Nevada and Utah, where customers can go and find consumer pumps, hoses, 
    nozzles, filters and other products, without having to come to our office in Boise.

    This program offers benefits to our customers and dealer.  For the customer, the 
    product is available at a fair price in his community.  He benefits also from the 
    product knowledge Dale’s Service, Inc. gives to his local dealer and he has the 
    benefit of being able to easily access other products sold and serviced by Dale’s 
    Service, Inc.  
    Our Dealers receive superior service with periodic visits from our sales force, 
    who bring the products the dealer’s door along with the expertise in how to 
    market those products.  Additionally our Dealers receive special pricing on all 
    products and services offered by Dale’s Service, Inc., giving them an entire line 
    of different products to offer their own customers.  Finally, Dale’s Service, Inc. 
    offers a guaranteed buy back of any dealer’s inventory if they choose to leave 
    the program.  Click on our DEALERS tab to see a list of our Dealers and the 
    products they offer and contact us if you are interested in becoming a Dale’s 
    Service, Inc. Dealer.

    Scheduled Maintenance
    Our innovative schedule maintenance programs can prolong the reliability and 
    safety of your equipment as well as keep you in compliance.  Click on our 
    SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE tab under SERVICES, to learn more about our 
    schedule maintenance programs.